WealthNGen Is Here For You

You know investing is important, but it’s hard to get your foot in the door. Who can you look to? Financial advisors might offer more advice than you’re looking for, and that extra help might cost more than you’re ready to spend. The robo advisor has grown increasingly more popular and might be a good start, but they may lack substance in their investment portfolios. While it might look like you’re cutting costs, you’re probably paying in missed performance. At WealthNGen, you can save money with our low fees and gain access to the professional money managers we’ve put to work for you.

Something You DO Have Time For

Don’t let a lack of time stop you from planning for your future. Investing deserves a healthy amount of attention. Create a savings plan at no charge in minutes. If you like what you see, your WealthNGen team will help you to review and implement the strategy you created.

Prosper for Pennies

You’ll have access to professional investment management and our unique retirement and financial planning tools for a couple dollars each month. Commissions and account maintenance fees are a thing of the past and do not exist here.

Enter Your Account Balance :

Traditional Account Fee
/mo @ 1% Annually
WealthNGen Account Fee
/mo @ .55% Annually

Total Savings = Annually

Our Investment Team

WealthNGen brings 50+ years of investment experience to our client’s portfolios. We’ve seen a lot over the years and have been recognized for our continued success.

How We Help You

Hassle Free Investing

Just point and click.

Expert Oversight

Professionals should be managing your assets, not computer algorithms.

Low Cost

No commissions or hidden fees.

Use our portfolio analyzer to compare your portfolio to ours and see how you stack up. It is free and you are not required to sign up.