Personalized Services For Any Goal

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There are many goals that our clients have as their purpose for investing. Whether your goal is retirement, rainy day savings, saving for a new home purchase, or all of the above, your unique situation demands a unique solution.

At WealthNGen, your trusted advisor offers personalized services designed to address your specific situation and goals.

Personalized Portfolios

Account Aggregation

Having the ability to see what your entire financial picture looks like is essential to making the best possible decisions about your investments. Our investment tools have been created to allow you add all of your other accounts not managed by us so you can get an honest picture of your financial reality. These accounts stay where they are, but the values are updated on a daily basis in your WealthNGen portal, along with your assets at WealthNGen giving you a complete and clear picture of where you stand related to your goals.

This service has the added benefit of giving your advisor the additional information that they need to provide you advice on your overall picture. The best part is, this is a free service for all of our clients.

Portfolio Allocation & Investment Management

With a complete picture of your overall situation, it is time to come up with an appropriate allocation and investment plan that fits you. Whether you have a long term time horizon or a short one, you are investing for retirement, for a future expense, or even for a rainy day, we can create a portfolio allocation to fit you. You can learn more about our Smarter Portfolios here.

Lots of Account Options

Often times the type of account that you choose can make the difference between success and failure as it relates to your goals. We offer many different types of accounts to suit your situation. Each of our account options have different rules and benefits to using them. If you have any questions as to which account types are best for your specific situation, just ask us. We would be happy to guide you.

Retirement accounts

Traditional IRA
(Tax Deferred Growth)

You will not have to pay taxes on any dividends, interest or realized capital gains in this account until you withdraw money from the account. You will incur a tax penalty of 10% of any premature withdrawals if you pull funds before age 59 ½. Contributions can be tax-deductible in some circumstances. $5,500 annual contribution limit.

Roth IRA
(Tax Free Growth)

Dividends, Interest or realized capital gains grow tax-free, but withdrawals of any earnings will incur a 10% tax penalty if taken before age 59 ½. Your contributions can be taken out tax/penalty free at any time. $5,500 annual contribution limit.

Rollover IRA

Allows for consolidation of outstanding 401(k)s from former employers. You can roll them into one rollover IRA account at no tax penalty. Can also contribute up to annual contribution limit each year. $5,500 annual contribution limit.

Non-Retirement Goal based accounts

(Taxable Investment Account)

No contribution limits and monies can be withdrawn at any time tax and penalty free. Dividends, interest and realized capital gains are taxed in the year they are earned.

(Two or More Owners)

Same as above applies, but you and a friend/family member would both have access to the account.

Trust Accounts

Trusts are an important tool to use for controlling the distribution of your assets to the next generation and also for potentially reducing estate taxes depending on your personal situation. These types of accounts are a central part of many of our clients financial planning.

If you are looking for a trusted advisor that offers personalized services for your specific goals, you have come to the right place.