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Honest Pricing

Across the financial services industry. There is a lot of mystery surrounding how much you are paying for financial management and advice. There are so many different types of fees and commissions that it is no wonder the consumer is not really clear on what they are actually paying.

Honest Pricing

At WealthNGen, we have a very straight forward fee structure. We charge 55 basis points, or just over 1/2 of 1% for all of the financial planning and asset management services that we provide. This fee is calculated based on total assets under management in your account and is broken up into 4 different quarterly payments.

Confusing? To calculate your annual costs based on your estimated account value under management, simply enter the dollar amount into the calculator below. Our calculator also compares your fees when working with us, to the average asset management fee of 1% in the industry so you can see how much money you actually save by working with us.

Fee Calculator

Enter Your Account Balance :

Traditional Account Fee
/mo @ 1% Annually
WealthNGen Account Fee
/mo @ .55% Annually

Total Savings = Annually

Low Internal Fees

In order to get a complete picture of the fees that you pay, you also need to take into account the internal costs of the individual investments in your portfolio as well. Today, the average mutual fund charges 1.25% for their internal management fees. These fees typically cover trading costs and anything else that is necessary for them to keep the fund running, including portfolio manager salaries.

The WealthNGen Smarter Portfolios use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) instead of mutual funds. The cost difference to you is dramatic. We use many different ETFs in our portfolio allocations but the average annual management expense for each of these averages at only 25 basis points, or 1/4 of 1%. This is significantly lower than the industry average mutual fund. You can learn more about WealthNGen’s Smarter Portfolios here.

Almost 300% below the industry average

Now to calculate your total costs you would need to add the asset management fees that we charge for the services that we provide to the costs of the ETFs themselves. Doing this gives you a total fee of 80 basis points or 8 tenths of 1% for everything. If you add up the industry averages in this same fashion you could safely assume an industry average total cost of 2.25%. That is just over 2.8 times what you would pay in working with us, which is a huge difference in the amount of money that can compound for you if you project that annual cost difference over the years that you are saving.

At WealthNGen, we provide financial advice that is approachable, available, honest, educated, and personal, for a much lower cost than just about any other traditional financial advisor.

Interested in possibly saving up to 300% on your investment portfolio?